Keeping Workplace Productivity High During the Holidays

Keeping Workplace Productivity High During the Holidays

While everyone is decking the halls and counting closer to the holiday, let’s face it: employees are downright distracted. It is reported that 62% of companies believe workplace productivity takes a dip during the holiday season. Productivity suffers. Deadlines get neglected. Employee attendance slips. While sugar plums dance in your employees’ heads, they’re likely more focused on parties, extended PTO, and online shopping sales.

Alternatively, some associates could be feeling a bit Grinchy, which could be another cause for the dip in your office productivity. During the holiday season, work remains the primary cause of stress for many people in the United States. In fact, 56% feel that work is their greatest source of stress during the holidays.

As a business owner, as tough as it is, try to lower your expectations a bit and accept that employees are likely to be unfocused during this season. Instead of worrying about workers becoming distracted, set the right example and take full advantage of the season by planning engaging ways for you and your employees to celebrate it productively. For example, why not provide them with some great complimentary snack options?

Want to encourage a productive workplace without looking like Ebenezer Scrooge? Here are a few tips to help you keep employees on task this holiday season.


Rewarding your team(s) doesn’t have to break the bank, either. It could be as simple as hosting a holiday lunch or fostering motivation through some simple holiday treats. In fact, 57% of employees surveyed admitted that food-based perks make them feel more valued and appreciated, which in turn, motivates continued hard work and productivity.



Even though the focus on work shouldn’t be lost during this season, it is also important to take some time and celebrate with your employees and let them know they are valued. By making small gestures, such as hosting an office holiday party with great snacks, allowing them to have flex work time, or even celebrating successes, you can increase morale and productivity not just in December, but throughout the year. 


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